About me

My yoga journey

I have practised yoga for over 20 years, first learning Hatha yoga with Maria Houston-Knight in Wylam, Northumberland. I immediately loved the physical challenge of stretching and strengthening my body, learning what I could encourage it to do and noticing its limits. I also found yoga deeply relaxing and nourishing, in a way that was hard to describe but felt great! I quickly came to miss the benefits of yoga when it wasn’t in my life, so began a daily practice.

As life has got busier with work and children, I can’t always find an hour a day on the mat (much as I would love that luxury!). But yoga practices such as breathing exercises, meditation and yoga philosophy have given me other ways to bring the joys of yoga into my daily life, off the mat as well as on it.

Yoga gives me whatever I need at the time – calmness, energy, clarity, relaxation – as well as the huge physical benefits such as increased stamina, balance, flexibility and strength. As I learned more about how to vary my practice to achieve particular effects, I became increasingly curious about how it all worked and how to share these delights with others. My 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Newcastle Yoga School has given me a certified qualification to teach yoga, but has also shown me that my learning will continue for as long as I practise yoga! I’d love you to join me as we share the joys of yoga together.