Yoga in the Tyne Valley

Enjoy a taster class for FREE

I love sharing yoga with complete beginners. So if you're curious about what yoga is or how it can help you feel better, come along and try a class for free.

Or maybe you are returning to yoga after a break, or you already practice yoga and would like to experience a different style? Try a free class with me and see how you like it.

Mat-based yoga classes


Mondays in Corbridge

Corbridge Parish Hall
NE45 5BE

10.30 - 11.45am

Tuesdays in Wylam

St. Oswin's Church Hall, Wylam,
NE41 8AT

9.30 - 10.45am

Thursdays in Horsley

The Hearth Cafe Hall, Horsley,
NE15 0NT

7.30 - 8.45pm

Chair-based yoga

Do you want to move more freely? Feel stronger? Improve your balance? Chair yoga can help!

In Chair yoga we use a chair to sit on or to support balance. This makes it ideal if you would like to try yoga, but worry that you might find mat-based classes difficult. Or maybe you have practised yoga before and would like to try this accessible form instead.

Thursdays in Wylam

Wylam Library,
Community Centre Falcon Terrace, 
Wylam, NE41 8EE.

11:00 - 12.00 pm

"After each session I have come away totally relaxed in both mind and body. The focus on breathing and posture are helping my spinal weakness, and my arthritic joints are slowly becoming a little more mobile due to the stretching exercises"